Nautilus Hyosung America

Nautilus Hyosung America

MORE Marketing Campaign

Scope of Work

Hyosung is a global leader in developing and producing financial products and solutions, ATMs and bank transformation equipment for retail and financial institutions. A3 Creative Loft partners managed the Hyosung 2015 MORE marketing campaign initiatives and created product brochures, trade show booth and marketing collateral, video presentations, monthly email blasts and digital advertising. In addition, A3 implemented public relations initiatives, including press releases, to communicate with financial and banking industry media.


The objective of the Hyosung MORE campaign was to spotlight their position as a leader in the marketplace. In the development of the campaign, Hyosung surveyed customers to analyze their performance in the areas of: innovation, service, value, leadership, responsiveness and security. Based on feedback, Hyosung created the MORE campaign and engaged A3 to further develop, manage and implement the initiatives.

Hyosung 5200 ATM MORE Campaign public relations strategy and interviews by A3 Creative Loft


A3 created graphic design, messaging and copywriting of taglines and all content for MORE campaign materials as well as four new Hyosung product launches in 2015. The key messages, graphically and in content, focused on the core values of the campaign, which were identified by customers as vital brand touchpoints during the survey stage.

Hyosung took steps to create cutting-edge innovation, elevate security, deliver value-added features and enhance customer service and responsiveness. Moreover, Hyosung took seriously their responsibility as an industry leader. Design and messaging created by A3 spotlighted and promoted these core values in alignment with the needs of their retail and financial target audiences.

About Nautilus Hyosung America

Nautilus Hyosung America is a subsidiary of South Korea’s Nautilus Hyosung Inc., a global leader in providing automated financial products and solutions the retail and financial institution markets. Since entering the North American market in 1998, Nautilus Hyosung America has become the fastest-growing ATM supplier in North America and the leading provider of bank branch transformation solutions.

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